The modern construction design industry is heavily reliant on information technology and, in particular, complex design software. While we do place great importance on the traditional methods and knowledge that form the fundamentals of structural engineering, we fully embrace the modern technology that is now an essential part of an efficient and successful practice.

Form has always prioritised investment in up-to-date hardware, state of the art systems and a full range of construction design software. These components make it possible for us to work on the largest and most complex of projects but also to pass on the savings and benefits these offer to all of our clients, including those at the smaller end of the spectrum.

All staff at Form are highly computer literate. Engineers regularly attend software training courses to ensure they are proficient in our range of design software while technicians are all highly experienced AutoCAD and Revit operators, trained in-house to meet our drafting standards.

We aim to maximise the benefits of the information technology at our disposal and are happy to share our technical knowledge with our collaborators to benefit all projects.


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