Form’s success in other sectors has led us to be appointed on several hotel projects by private clients and developers. Whilst the core skills required for these projects largely overlap with those required for successful residential, commercial and retail projects, good organisational skills along with experienced, proactive members of staff are even more important.

Projects range from small, intimate lodgings within public house and restaurant establishments to large 200 room, luxury complexes with bars, conferencing centres, gymnasiums and swimming pools. We are well practised in this field and are experienced in the areas that make hotels unique: space planning, plant housing and acoustic separation.

Hotel projects usually have repetition within them and a thoughtful, considered engineering approach can reap the benefits of this. Amongst other things, choosing the correct construction material and method can go a long way to maximising savings. Space is also a key consideration and we pride ourselves on keeping structural components small or hidden so no valuable space is lost or sullied.


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