Having gained an excellent reputation within the design community, Form has been asked to apply its inimitable brand of engineering to a number of art projects. The staff members at Form are experts in the fundamental concepts of design and detailing meaning they can apply structural principals to all forms and materials. This leads to stunning artwork where the structure either adds to the appearance or is not visible at all.

Projects range from small memorials to large installations and tree houses while our involvement can be in a simple advisory role or as a fully appointed structural engineer producing calculations, specifications and working drawings. As well as making projects structurally sound, we are always aware of the message trying to be conveyed by the artist or designer.

Art projects are unique and we relish working on them, approaching the tasks at hand with skill and enthusiasm, priding ourselves on attention to detail and our ability to think laterally. These skills, together with our dynamic approach go a long way to delivering a completed piece that delivers as intended without compromise.


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